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... a cartoon specifically designed to motivate young girls to be interested in STEM*. Stem Scouts combines the young team dynamics of Powerpuff Girls with the science based antics of Jimmy NeutronBy creating relatable characters and fun stories, we hope this show will inspire the next generation of little geniuses!

Follow the adventures of four bright young girls : Silver, Tiff, Effie & May - each possessing unique intellectual skills in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math respectively. 


With the help of their robotic dog Scout & mentor Headmistress Lovelace, they seek out problems to solve with their creativity, smarts, and teamwork.

Want a sneak peek of what the show could be like?

Click on the video below to watch our concept animation!

Like the idea?

Click below to read the full script for that episode. Browse the rest of the site to learn more!

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