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Origin Story

The girls meet for the first time in a surprise 4 way tie at the Academy’s prestigious science fair. Initially they don’t get along, but Headmistress Lovelace recognizes their combined potential. She convinces them to team up & build Scout with components from each of their projects. With his advanced technology & their unique smarts, the STEM Scouts team is born!


Missing Pet

The girls arrive at school one morning to discover the class guinea pig, Mittens, has gone missing! Silver uses her knowledge of biology to track Mittens down and plans to lure her out, but soon discover she is trapped inside the AC vents. The team must find a way free Mittens and return her to the class safe and sound.



Frozen Crops

Winter is here and a deep freeze descends on the Academy. The bitter cold has killed many of the crops planted on school grounds, and threatens the Academy’s fresh food supply. The Scouts must find a way to save the remaining crops by building a greenhouse powered by renewable energy.


Flash Flood

A heavy rainstorm threatens to overflow the O’Malley River that surrounds the Academy. The Scouts must act quick to prevent the rising waters from reaching the grounds and flooding the school. The team designs & construct a series of smart barriers to divert the raging waters safely away from the school.



black out

A fallen tree lands on the main power line to the school, triggering a massive black out. Plunged into darkness, the Scouts must find a way to restore power to the Academy quickly before temperatures rise and the food spoils. The team works together and creates a new type of power generator with robust storage. 

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